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National Drug Schedules: Revisions to By-law No. 2

The National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities recently underwent a change in governance. Subsequent to this change in governance, small changes were required to By-law No. 2, which sets out the framework for the operation of the National Drug Schedules (NDS) program. The NAPRA Executive Committee was previously responsible for oversight of the NDS program. With the change in governance, the Executive Committee of NAPRA no longer exists; oversight of the NDS program was transferred to the NAPRA Board of Directors. NAPRA has therefore made revisions to By-law No. 2 and some sections of the NAPRA website to reflect the change in oversight and related timelines.

For more information, please contact Sarah Marshall, Manager, Professional and Regulatory Affairs, NAPRA at 613-569-9658, ext. 230 or via email at smarshall@napra.ca.


Source: NAPRA