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National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities


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Board of Directors


Pharmacy Regulatory Authority
David Cameron -
David Collie -
Greg Eberhart Alberta College of Pharmacy
Manon Lambert, Vice-Chair Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec
Sam Lanctin New Brunswick College of Pharmacists
Susan Lessard-Friesen College of Pharmacists of Manitoba
Nancy Lum-Wilson, Past Chair Ontario College of Pharmacists
Nancy Meagher Community Services – Government of Yukon
Lieutenant-Colonel Sean Meredith Canadian Armed Forces – Pharmacy Services Division
Donna Mulvey Government of Nunavut
Bob Nakagawa College of Pharmacists of British Columbia
Margot Priddle Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board
Samantha Van Genne Government of the Northwest Territories
Jeana Wendel, Chair Saskatchewan College of Pharmacy Professionals
Michelle Wyand Prince Edward Island College of Pharmacy
Tana Yoon -
Bev Zwicker Nova Scotia College of Pharmacists
Adele Fifield NAPRA Executive Director (ex officio)