An Alliance of Canadian Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities

Resources, programs and networking for pharmacy regulatory authorities

Sharing Pan-Canadian Information and Trends

Supplying Model Documents and Standards

Facilitating Connections and Consultation

Connecting Canadian Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities

The National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) facilitates collaboration for its members – the pharmacy regulatory authorities across Canada – to discuss and take a national approach in addressing common issues in the practice of pharmacy in Canada.

National Drug Schedules Program

NAPRA helps to harmonize the conditions of sale for non-prescription drugs across the country.

Gateway for International Pharmacists

The first stop for international pharmacy graduates who wish to practise in Canada.

NAPRA Publications

NAPRA creates model documents to support the work of the pharmacy regulatory authorities.

An Alliance of Canadian Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities

NAPRA offers a collaborative structure where members determine the topics of discussion and exchange on challenges and opportunities each jurisdiction faces and how they affect one another.


Members represent all Canadian provinces, territories, and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada

A platform to support the licensure process for international pharmacy graduates.

Point of Contact

National point of contact for engagement with pan-Canadian and international stakeholders.

A Valuable Alliance

A vital forum of exchange, connection and support for Canadian pharmacy regulators.

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November 9, 2022
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