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National Drug Schedules: Final Recommendation for Naloxone Hydrochloride Nasal Spray

The Interim Recommendation made by the National Drug Scheduling Advisory Committee (NDSAC) on December 12, 2016 was finalized effective December 22, 2016.
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Important information for Ontario pharmacists

As of December 15, 2016, pharmacists in Ontario are permitted to administer more vaccines. Pharmacists should refer to the Ontario College of Pharmacists for detailed information.

Pharmacists may have questions regarding the schedule of certain vaccines. Of the 13 additional vaccines now permitted, 11 are specifically listed in the National Drug Schedules (NDS). However, human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine and herpes zoster (shingles) vaccine are not listed.

The NDS states that vaccines are Schedule I unless they are “part of a routine immunization program in most/all provinces and territories,” in which case they are Schedule II. It is permissible to apply the criteria to other vaccines that are not specifically listed in the NDS.

  • HPV vaccine is part of routine immunization programs in all provinces and territories and would therefore be considered Schedule II.

  • Shingles vaccine is currently part of the routine program only in Ontario and would therefore not meet the criteria for Schedule II. Shingles vaccine should be considered a Schedule I drug at this time.

Information on routine immunization schedules across Canada can be found here.

Pharmacy Technician Bridging Education Program-Course and PLAR exam schedules

Please note, this section will be updated periodically as the information becomes available.


  Reminder: Courses and PLAR exams available in both English and French

    NOTE: Selkirk College registration deadline for all English and French courses beginning in January 2017 has now passed. 

Selkirk College registration deadline for all English and French courses beginning in April 2017 is April 6, 2017


        Rappel :  Les cours et les examens ERA sont offerts en français et en anglais

  REMARQUE :  La date limite pour l’inscription aux cours (anglais et français) débutant en janvier 2017 au collège Selkirk est maintenant passée.

La date limite pour l’inscription aux cours (anglais et français) débutant en avril 2017 au collège Selkirk est le 6 avril 2017.


Registration deadlines for all institutions are available on the Course and PLAR Schedules page.

Registration for all courses is conducted directly with the educational institution offering the program.

Information Update

Health Canada advises that the drug hCG is not authorized or proven effective for weight loss

At this time of year, when some are considering weight loss options, Health Canada wishes to advise Canadians that hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is not authorized or proven as a weight loss aid, and could pose serious health risks.

hCG is a prescription drug authorized in Canada as an injectable for the treatment of hormone-related conditions such as infertility. It should be used only under the supervision of a healthcare professional.

Health Canada Information Update

NDSAC Meeting of March 19-20, 2017

The proposed meeting of the National Drug Scheduling Advisory Committee (NDSAC) for March 19-20, 2017 is cancelled.

The next meeting of the Committee is scheduled for June 11-12, 2017. The deadline to receive submissions for a drug scheduling application for this meeting is by end of day Wednesday, April 12, 2017.


Unauthorized health product "Blow" may pose serious health risks

Health Canada is advising Canadians that it has seized the unauthorized health product “Blow”, by Limitless Pharma, from Atomik Nutrition at 450 Boulevard de Mortagne, Boucherville, QC. “Blow” is promoted as a pre-workout supplement and is labelled to contain the unauthorized drug 1,3 Dimethylamylamine (DMAA), which may pose serious health risks such as high blood pressure and stroke.

Health Canada Advisory

Foreign Product Alert

Health Canada is advising Canadians not to use these foreign health products as they may pose a health risk. These products have been found by regulators in other countries to contain undeclared drug ingredients or heavy metals. Prescription drugs should only be taken under the supervision of a health care practitioner.

These products are not authorized for sale in Canada and have not been found on the Canadian market, but they may have been brought into the country by travellers or purchased over the Internet.

Health Canada Foreign Product Alert

Health Product Risk Communication

Erwinase for Injection - Shortage and Special Handling Instructions- Jazz Pharmaceuticals

To avoid potential product shortage of ERWINASE,  Health Canada has facilitated the temporary importation of UK-labelled product from Batch CAMR-179G for use with a 5-micron filter. Small amounts of particulate matter have been observed bound to the stopper and/or present on the lyophilized cake of some vials of ERWINASE from BATCH 179G.

Health Canada Health Product Risk Communication

Information Update

New safety information on injectable gadolinium-based contrast agents used in MRI scans

Health Canada has conducted a safety review of gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs) due to growing scientific evidence that gadolinium may accumulate in the brain following multiple magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Although no health consequences have been identified with gadolinium accumulation in the brain, Health Canada will be working with Canadian manufacturers to update the labelling of GBCAs to include this new information.

Health Canada Information Update

Health Canada Advisory

Unauthorized products “Lithium Plus, Serotonin Support, and Brain Support” may pose serious health risks

Health Canada is advising Canadians that three unauthorized products, “Lithium Plus, Serotonin Support, and Brain Support,” may pose serious health risks because they may contain the prescription drug Lithium Orotate. The products were offered for sale online and marketed to contain Lithium Orotate by the company Cutting Edge Naturals at cuttingedgenaturals.com and cuttingedgenutraceuticals.com


Information Update

Health Canada reviewing potential negative effects of general anesthetics and sedatives on young children and fetuses

Health Canada is reviewing the safety of certain drugs used for general anesthesia and sedation in children under the age of three, or in pregnant women during their third trimester. This follows a recent communication by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning the public that repeated or lengthy use of general anesthetics and sedatives in these groups may have potential negative effects on the development of children’s brains.

Health Canada Information Update

Health Product InfoWatch - December 2016

The December issue of the Health Product InfoWatch published by Health Canada is now available. This monthly publication provides clinically relevant safety information on pharmaceuticals, biologics, medical devices and natural health products. Please consult the index for a complete listing of previous issues.

Health Product InfoWatch:  http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/medeff/bulletin/index-eng.php



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