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Professional Competencies for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians at Entry to Practice

This document describes the entry-to-practice competency requirements for pharmacy technicians across Canada. It is a foundational document that enables a national approach to the formalization of the pharmacy  technician profession and facilitates labour mobility. The document on professional competencies at entry to practice exists to guide the development of educational outcomes, educational program accreditation standards and national competency assessment examinations. As a secondary goal, this document also provides pharmacy technician students, pharmacy technicians and the public with information on the expected competencies of a pharmacy technician at entry to practice.

Competencies are often described as significant job related knowledge, skills, abilities, attitudes and judgments required for competent performance by members of a profession. They provide an overview of what a pharmacy technician at entry to practice is able to do rather than how a pharmacy technician is expected to perform tasks. Detailed information on how to perform tasks is normally found in the standards of practice. At the national level, the expected standards of practice can be found in the most recent version of the Model Standards of Practice for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians.

This document outlines the competencies required of pharmacy technicians at entry to practice in Canada, keeping in mind changes expected in the next few years due to the ongoing progression of the profession. It is expected that as pharmacy technicians progress through the various stages of their career, these competencies will be further developed and new ones gained.

The current competencies were approved by the NAPRA Board of Directors in November 2013. 

Professional Competencies for Canadian Pharmacy Technicians at Entry to Practice