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Pharmacists' Gateway Canada for international pharmacists



Post International Pharmacy Graduates Project Update

The National Association of Pharmacy Regulatory Authorities (NAPRA) in collaboration with its members and the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) developed Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada. Funded by the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition Program (through Employment and Social Development Canada, formerly Human Resources and Skills Development Canada), Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada provides a central place for internationally trained pharmacists to find licensure information, purchase self-assessment tools, and establish a confidential national document repository through enrolment in Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada. 

Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada consists of:

  • A public website www.pharmacistsgatewaycanada.ca/ which includes: a general licensure model and the specific licensure requirements for all of the pharmacy regulatory authorities in Canada; a comparison tool allowing international pharmacy graduates to compare the time and cost requirements to become licensed as a pharmacist in Canada; information on the profession of pharmacy in Canada, two self-assessment tools which help international pharmacy graduates determine their readiness for pharmacy practice and licensure in Canada and provide resources to help them identify areas for improvement in their pharmacy practice skills and knowledge; and frequently asked questions regarding the licensure process in Canada.
  • A secure portal for international pharmacy graduates. Once the international pharmacy graduate enrols in Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada, they will be able to view their profile, change certain information, monitor their steps to licensure as they are completed, and apply to the pharmacy regulatory authority when appropriate.
  • An administrative portal which includes a central confidential document repository.

After close to four years of development, the implementation of Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada began as part of a pilot phase in June 2014 when the public website was made available in English and in French. In August 2014, international pharmacy graduates were able to enrol in Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada and purchase the self-assessment tools.

The pilot phase, which was conducted from June 2014 to the end of October 2014, was well received and did not reveal any major system issues. Even though the pilot phase was short, it provided a reasonable period of time to ensure that the major components worked well and provided an opportunity to experience the full system. The implementation of Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada was fairly smooth. As with any new system there are technical issues which arise from time to time and they are being addressed in an on-going manner.

The program, Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada, was officially launched at the meeting of NAPRA’s Board of Directors on November 9, 2014. At that time there were close to 600 internationally trained pharmacists enrolled in Pharmacists’ Gateway Canada.